L ’ORAIME Anton Mayringer


Even in my childhood I was interested in different kinds of materials and always looking for creative challenges. Through my intuitive talent and my pleasure in experimenting with various colours and materials, I have developed a completely new art design. A design affected with individual varnish techniques and materials. It is a design which expresses my feelings, my emotions and my thoughts. 


Anton Mayringer


E-Mail: info@loraime.com

+ 43 (0) 664 26 42 722

Sandra Mayringer


E-Mail: sandra.mayringer@loraime.com



Location of the company L’ORAIME is in Austria east of Salzburg. L’ORAIME produces exclusive acrylic glass paintings – kitchen back walls – vases & floor vases with high quality materials in various shapes & sizes.

Art & manufacturing are 100% handmade. Individual customer wishes are also created & implemented.