Love and harmony in colors

by Anton Mayringer

L'ORAIME art from Austria

by Anton Mayringer

Love and harmony in colors

by Anton Mayringer


Picture-sound compositions

We offer picture-sound compositions specially tailored to the customer.



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Audio-visual art is a challenge both for the artists and for its recipients.

For the artists, because music and painting are supposed to speak the same language and therefore need to resonate with each other on the same level. In the case of the artwork presented here, Mark Wolf musically addresses the finest details, individual vibrations of the colors, color gradients, and the overall impression of Anton Mayringer’s paintings.

For the listening viewer, because they are hearing “flowing” music while at the same time concentrating on a seemingly static image. Engaging with the union of sound and image they may soon immerse in a meditative state which can evoke a great sense of liberation, inspiration, and focus.

In their collaboration Anton Mayringer and Mark Wolf go one step further: To a select clientele they offer the creation of sound-image compositions tailored specifically to the client. These compositions are developed together with the client and are also adapted to the room in which they are to be installed. This unique collaboration operates under the name of MarkAnt.

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